RURAL POP Collective from Atlanta, featuring members of Cassavetes, Oryx & Crake, and more. "More Folk Than Most Folk."


Our new record "one-way moon" comes out in February 2015! 

But you, dear reader, can PREORDER it here and now!

These hand-numbered, gold-foiled, colored milky translucent vinyl with black splattered records look beautiful & sound incredible! 

Limited to an edition of 250. only $20! Pre-Order Online Here!! 

Press/publicity inquiries:


  • 1/22/15 - Record Release Party (w/Cicada Rhythm) - Atlanta, GA
  • 1/23/15 - record release party (w/cicada rhythm) - athens, ga


  • Live to lathe 7" single - Recorded and Mixed Live, Cut Live to Lathe during a performance where artist Molly Rose Freeman painted a mural that was cut into the record covers and the liner notes were screened on site. Each single is unique. Edition of 30.
  • Shapes On The Water  - Free 5-song ep released 11/2013. Check out the stop-motion music video for oh! you lied on the right...         Paste Magazine said some really nice things about it here
  • Ghost - Full Length LP released in August 2011.  Available digitally, and on limited edition vinyl. Check it out it on our Bandcamp HERE.  
  • LIVE ON AM1690FREE 3-Song EP, recorded live on air in Atlanta. Featuring 2 tracks from Ghost, and Love Like Parachutes from Shapes on the water. Listen/grab on bandcamp.  

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